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Natalie Lynch

Head of Nursery

- Child Development Officer

Christine Hay

Deputy Nursery Assistant & Administration Officer

- Deputy Child Protection Officer (Safeguarding)

I became a formal member of staff in June 2007, but have been involved with the Pre-school in a small way since I started in 1992, when I completed some courses in childcare and did some support work behind the scenes. I enrolled on a further course in September 2007 for my Diploma in Pre-school Practice, Level 3 which I completed and passed in July 2008. My responsibilities include Planning and Key Working with groups of children. I very much enjoy playing with the children through a variety of activities, seeing their enjoyment and progress as they stretch their imagination and learning through play. I also regularly attend courses to keep me up-to-date with changes, as well as to increase my knowledge in what’s happening in childcare, which keeps my approach fresh.

Stephanie Neighbour

Deputy Nursery Assistant

- Special Educational Needs Assistant

I have been working at Holy Cross Pre-school since September 2006, after having left Harlow College on the successful completion of a BTEC National Diploma in Childhood studies, Level 3. During my studies I covered units in Child Protection, Special Needs, and Children at play and many more. My responsibilities include mentoring students who attend the Pre-school either on work experience or from colleges on Childcare courses. I am also responsible for ensuring we have varied programmes of play, ensuring the safety, high quality education and well-being of the children in the setting. I have a responsibility for a small group of key children, and constantly update my qualifications to help and assist the way in which I work.

Kiera Hyde

Midday Assistant

 All of my children have been pupils of holy cross pre school, of which one is remaining, the others have now gone on to primary school. A position for midday assistant became available for which I applied and was successful in gaining this role. I enjoy working with the children and this position will enable me to progress in this field. As from September 2018 I am starting my training in CACHE level 2

Graham Hay

Volunteer Teacher

Having retired from the Metropolitan Police Service after 30 years, I continued with my education and qualified as a Mathematics teacher, teaching pupils of all ages up to A level standard. I also am very physically active enjoying cycling and regularly visiting the Gym with my wife. I no longer teach at a school but private tutor students in mathematics and chemistry to A level in the evenings. If I but can I will try to attend the pre school to help out as a volunteer. It is so rewarding watching how the children grow and develop into their own personalities, and when they recognise you later as they progress through the school. It is a great feeling knowing that you have helped that child in some way and no amount of money can ever equal that feeling which remains with you all your life.

Ann Tierney (Retired)

- Holy Cross Academy Governor

In September 1992 I took over the running of the Pre-School with my business partner, Carolyn.  When Carolyn changed her career direction and went to work in the special baby care unit, (1994) [eventually moving to Beverly in Hull], I continued to run the pre-school as a sole trader. Since this time, I have expanded the Pre-School, and taken on many Staff. I am fully qualified, holding my Childcare Diploma (D.P.P.), and regularly attend training and qualifications to keep me up to date with what’s happening in childcare, and ahead of my Staff to ensure they are kept fully aware of all updates.

Over the years, I have enjoyed mentoring many staff, students, parents and even members of my family, who would later become staff as they pass through the Pre-school, qualifying with their Diploma, NVQ & other approved qualifications. Some of my team have subsequently taken up higher positions, both in, and out of Holy Cross Pre-School. I also have been involved with the launch of Purford Green Pre-School, which began as part of my business group, and now runs independently and successfully with Lynne taking over as sole trader after I had trained her as a part of my team at Holy Cross, then as the Leader of Purford Green. Lynne stamped her own identity on her Pre-school and re-named it ‘Little acorns’ which is very fitting and I am proud to have been a part of it’s beginnings.

I began working with children when I was 14, taking a senior role whilst I was still in my teens, and through the years have trained in business and many areas of childcare, which has all helped me to invest in Holy Cross and encourage a healthy, happy, devoted team of workers. I am ‘chuffed’ as to how Holy Cross Pre-school has evolved over the years, beginning in 1992 as a feeder group operating in a class in the main school. This in turn increased popularity to the school, which meant having to give up my class for a few years and moving into the church hall. Then in November 2004 moving with the aid of a government grant into our new purpose built Nursery building, which was to me ‘coming home’, as we have such a fantastic working relationship with Holy Cross Catholic Primary Academy School.

I was very pleased to pass the torch onto Natalie in September 2013, knowing that after 21 years within the Holy Cross Community, I could retire and enjoy seeing the Pre-School flourish under Natalie, where I am sure it will continue to go forward in strength.


Home Introduction Meet the Staff Venue Prospectus News  Contacts Links

As of September 2013 I became the new proud owner of Holy Cross Pre-school. I have worked here since 2006. I started as a volunteer helping out, carrying out every day duties, and became the nursery deputy in 2008 when my responsibilities became more varied. I completed my level 2 certificate in

Pre-school practice in December 2005 and my level 3 diploma in pre-school practice in 2007. I have recently completed my designated person child protection course and am now the pre-schools child protection officer. I am regularly attending meetings within the community and with other pre-schools.

I also keep my training up to date while attending anything new that arises.

I have two children who both attended Holy Cross Pre-School. I love working with all the children seeing all their different characters come through while watching and helping them to learn and develop through their play. I am very proud to have been given this opportunity and will strive to keep the setting with the standards that it has built.   

Claire Selwood

Nursery Assistant

- Health and safety officer

I have worked at Holy Cross Pre-school since September 2004 when the Pre-school moved to it’s new Nursery building. I am a nursery assistant and my responsibilities include Fire Protection Officer, Health and Safety assistant and Key Worker for a group of children attending each session. I completed my Certificate in Pre-school Practice in December 2005 and regularly attend training and qualifications to keep me up to date with what’s happening in childcare. In September 2014 I qualified in Level 3 Diploma for children and young people’s workforce. Between 2001 and 2004 I was a regular volunteer at Holy Cross Pre-school, and especially liked helping with their cooking activities. All of my 3 children attended Holy Cross Pre-school and gained so much out of their experiences. I wanted very much to be involved and love working with the children.

Georgia Whitefield

Nursery Assistant

In May 2015 I attended Holy Cross pre-school for my work experience. By carrying out my work experience here it gave me an insight into the day to day life of working in a nursery and with children. Due to my work experience I was able to gain further knowledge and experience which helped me to improve skills such as working in a team, social and communication. By attending Holy Cross pre-school it gave me the encouragement I needed to make me want to pursue a career in childcare.  I love working with children and it is very important to me to provide a fun and caring environment for all the children within the preschool. I have the opportunity and responsibility to care for a small group of key children. I enjoy encouraging the children to take part in new and exciting experiences; I love to part of these experiences. As part of my role as a nursery assistant I have to work as part of the team. I appreciate any advice which the other staff can give me to provide the children with a better and more fulfilling experience at preschool, towards the transition to primary school. In August 2018, I qualified CACHE level 3 and have now been taken as full time.

I am undertaking a level 2 apprenticeship in childcare. I chose to complete at holy cross preschool after completing my two weeks work experience as well as my college placements. My reason for choosing holy cross preschool to undertake my apprenticeship is that I liked the learning environment and the friendly family atmosphere. I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews and watching them grow and develop which is why I have chosen childcare as a career. I am now CACHE level 2, and working on

Level 3 CACHE, and have been taken on full time.

Paige Tobin

Nursery Assistant